Wednesday, January 4, 2012


As I am sitting here uploading a new post of my sister, I am reminded of how blessed we are to have such wonderful families! The dreams, the brainstorming sessions, the advice, the support, all backed up by wonderful people we get to call our family! Thank you!

Thank you to our husbands! 
For the countless hours you have let us edit photos, go meet each other to come up with big ideas that work out and sometimes don't workout. For the loving support and advice. For the heart to let us do what we love! We love you!

To our Parents for making such talented girls...wink, wink!

To our sibilings for all the practice photoshoots and all the love!

  Sarah and Baby Ivy (Emily's sister and niece)

Ashley's sisters (Savannah and Samantha)

Holli (Ashley's Sis-in-law)

And thank you to all of our clients past, present, and future!
 We get to do what we love because of you! Here's to a new year full of blessings and great photos!!

Blue mason
Emily and Ashley

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