Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet Kendall and Adam!

Kendall and Adam
"Adam and I were each others crush in middle school, fell out of touch for ten years, then reconnected again this past June. After six months of rekindling our relationship, we discovered that we had a chance for a friendship and a love that was worth keeping for a lifetime. My family had been planning for almost a year to spend Christmas in Spain, so Thanksgiving was the best shot we had for me to meet his entire family as soon as we could. 
Thanksgiving rolls around, we drive out to a little town in West Tennessee, and I meet his family, thrilled to be introduced as "Adam's girlfriend". His grandparents have a huge farm, so we spent Thanksgiving day (after a fantastic meal, of course!) driving four-wheelers, seeing the farm, then we decided to go shoot. I had brought my handgun, and he had his shotgun. 
We drive out to a secluded part of the farm, start trying to shoot at targets we put up ourselves, and laugh at what terrible shots we both are. I was simply amazed he was being such a good sport about being mediocre at something like shooting. Eventually, it came to light why he didn't mind missing the target, for little did I know he had a diamond ring in his pocket! 
After walking further down to a plowed corn field, we tried again to shoot my pistol. We were both so determined to get better! After taking my turn (and missing the target...yet again!) I turned around to go reload. Instead of meeting Adam's gaze when I turned, he wasn't there. 
Looking down, I saw the man I love kneeling in the field. With no one else around, sharing that moment together, he asked, "Kendall Armstrong from middle school, will you marry me?" 
I was able to nod and say, "Yes!" And there I was, having a gorgeous solitaire diamond ring put on my left hand, hugging the man I had loved as a young girl....and still holding a gun in my right hand! Crying and laughing, he took the gun out of my hand, smiling and saying, "I don't think we need this right now." 
It dawned on me that he had proposed to a woman with a gun in her hand, and told him what a courageous choice that had been. Right in line with his quick wit, he smiled and claimed, "We may not have a shotgun wedding... but we got a shotgun engagement!" 
That wedding will take place on July 12th, 2014, and as much fun and enjoyment we have had since we reconnected last June, we expect our wedding day will be a joyous celebration of our love and future together."